Integration Solutions

Third Party Integration Solutions

A system designed with integration in mind

We've made sure that Dealerweb Showroom's 'open to integration' software has been designed to make the dealer and customer sales process as seamless as possible.

With dealerships increasingly using a complex ecosytem of disparate software systems, we help you fight the headache of system-switching and double-keying, giving you more time dedicated to the business of selling cars and following-up on enquiries.

Our integration abilities help you improve management efficiency at all stages of the sales pipeline, including:

  • Funnelling central OEM, dealership and third-party advertiser leads
  • Pulling stock
  • Exporting customer and sales data
  • Incorporating finance and compliance requirements into the deal process

What's more, we integrate with OEM systems, meaning more effective central lead collection, OEM finance integration and instant sales report migration.

Saving time through making Dealerweb Showroom a true ‘one stop shop’ enhances sales and lead management efficiency at all stages of the sales pipeline, meaning more efficient sales teams and happier customers.

Our integration solutions and partners include:


Website Providers

Digital Communications


Compliance and Insurance Policy Registration



Document Storage

Part Exchange


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