Consumers are steadily increasing their reliance on online platforms when searching for their next vehicle, with our findings revealing that dealership websites were the preferred research channel for up to two-thirds of car buyers.

Every view and click of a listing on your website represents a data point and an action you can grasp. So, how can you manage a lead and turn initial interest into a successful sale? And how can you keep track of every lead, and ensure that they’re correctly captured and actioned?

The answer to these questions lies in Dealerweb React, which is designed to help you make the most out of every online lead that comes your way. This blog explores how it can help you meet customer expectations, and maximise the chances of your dealership being the one they decide to visit.

Rapid reactions

Online channels represent the majority of the sales opportunities you’ll receive. According to our combined Dealerweb Showroom data for the first half of 2023, while used car enquiries are up by a third, only 35% of enquiries result in an order. Focusing on quick reactions to initial enquiries will be key to converting some of the additional 65%.

We’ve found that over 80% of car buyers expect to receive a response the same day, and a quarter expect to get one inside half an hour. And at times of peak interest, such as the new registration months of March and September, fast responses are especially important to maximise opportunities and prevent customers from going to your competitors.

Dealerweb React can play a big part in supporting rapid customer response, helping you make a great first impression. The mobile app enables sales staff to receive instant alerts for incoming enquiries regardless of their location within the dealership.

Prompt, personalised communications

Customers want information and contact that is tailored to their specific preferences, and in order to deliver that service, sales staff need to be able to access customer lead data, quickly and easily.

As a cloud-based platform, Dealerweb React consolidates all your online leads into one place, enabling efficient, personalised responses through a three-stage process:

  • Capture: bring together all web leads, no matter what the source, including manufacturer websites, dealer websites and online classified directories
  • Alert: the platform instantly notifies all staff of every lead through emails, and push notifications on their iOS or Android devices
  • React: sales staff can send personalised HTML emails including all relevant attachments and links, giving them all the information they need in minutes and building a more positive perception of your brand

What’s next?

Of course, handling the initial enquiry is only one part of the journey towards a successful sale. Throughout the whole process, it’s vital to be intuitive to a customer’s expectations, and to contact them with the right things at the right times, using the right channels. Three guiding principles can make a big difference here:

  • Communicate on customers’ terms: whichever channel a customer uses to contact your dealership should be the one that you reply to them on, whether it’s email, a phone call or even through social media

  • Personalise with video: Dealerweb’s integration with CitNOW Sales means you can develop immersive, individual experiences through personalised videos of vehicles that customers have enquired about. Within these videos, you can highlight specific features that customers have mentioned and answer their questions directly

  • Build a strong rapport: integration with the customer data in Dealerweb Showroom allows you to maintain high-quality customer service throughout the sales journey, as key specifics and insights are easily accessed by every member of the sales team

In summary

A competitive sales landscape and rising consumer demands means quick, personalised communications have never been more important for building and maintaining strong relationships. Dealerweb React is the platform that can support this speed and quality of response throughout your team, every day.

Find out more on how to maximise your online lead conversions with Dealerweb React here.

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