There’s a huge range of different tools at sales teams’ disposal, helping you deliver a more efficient and enhanced customer experience. Making the most of these tools requires time and thoughtful management, which is where having access to a single integrated hub can be so useful.

It’s for this reason that Dealerweb Showroom is home to a variety of integrations, bringing several different functions together in one place. That way, dealerships like yours can maximise the value of your data and provide exceptional customer service. This blog highlights many of these integrations and how they improve operational efficiency, enable a customer-centric approach, and help with compliance.

Enhancing data access 

Dealing with different applications that use the same customer data, that don’t integrate or communicate with each other, creates process inefficiency and can be subject to data entry errors. An integrated platform - in this case, Dealerweb Showroom - means data can be used seamlessly across every application and touchpoint.

Examples of where this can be beneficial include:

  • Keyloop DMS: a platform that connects DMS data with approved partner and manufacturer applications such as Dealerweb Showroom. It enables smooth journeys for car buyers, easy data sharing between applications and departments, and clear visualisation of insights for better decision-making. This integration means customer profiles can be linked across systems, facilitating the distribution of coordinated order data. It also means sales teams can save time and improve accuracy as they don’t need to enter the same data more than once across different solutions.

  • REALinsights (RTC): a business intelligence platform bringing together data from all systems and integrations, making it easy to monitor key metrics, and compile informative forecasts and reports. Data from all the sites within a dealer franchise can be connected in one place, delivering a single, efficient view of performance.

Customer communications

Today’s buying journeys are expected to be detailed, personalised, intuitive, and involve a range of different touchpoints, both online and offline. To deliver these journeys and meet customer expectations, it needs to be easy to personalise communications and keep track of who has been contacted, when and how. It’s also important to respond to enquiries with the information that individual customers are looking for, and for assumptions to be made based on customer preferences and purchase history.

CitNOW Sales enables this through its seamless integration with Dealerweb Showroom, where personalised sales videos can be created and shared with ease. Within these videos, your staff can impart the information that customers are looking for on certain models, individual features and even spec options that they’re likely to be interested in. Dealerweb Showroom acts as the management hub whereby the success and performance of these videos can be tracked through customer ratings and feedback.

Easy finance options

A key part of a smooth customer journey is finance options. An integration like Codeweavers makes it easier and more flexible for sales teams to set up finance quotes, keep a log and efficiently deliver information to the customer.

Codeweavers can leverage the centralised customer data within Dealerweb Showroom, enabling more consistent and coordinated experiences, and removing the need for the same data to be collected and entered multiple times.

Dealerweb Showroom also integrates with a range of different finance providers, including Santander, Black Horse, Volvo Car Financial Services and Volkswagen Financial Services.

Confidence in compliance

The buying journey naturally requires the collection and handling of sensitive customer data, which should be done in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority.

Achieving this across multiple applications simultaneously is made easy through a hub like Dealerweb Showroom, which integrates with a variety of FCA regulatory providers such as , ITC Compliance, DealTrak, Autoprotect and Automotive Compliance Ltd .

These integrations facilitate secure, error-free and transparent customer journeys, simultaneously alleviating the administrative burden on the sales team. From a pragmatic perspective, customer and vehicle information in Dealerweb Showroom can have ‘blockers’ placed upon them at different stages of the customer journey. This is to ensure that certain processes are completed before being allowed to proceed, thereby ensuring compliance is upheld.

In summary

When you have lots of data, many applications and a large number of touchpoints within your buying journey, everything will run smoother when working together rather than apart. This is why Dealerweb Showroom can be so indispensable as a central hub for managing every aspect of the sales process, with smart integrations that streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.

Want to unleash the potential of integrations through Dealerweb Showroom? Find out more here.

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